Tarot reading: what does this person represent in my life?

I received one question in my email from A., who wants to know what does the man whom she met and lost contact with represents in her life. Why did he came in her life so suddenly and beautifuly and then completely withdrew. This is a very good question to put to gain more insight, by using the tarot cards.

Once the question was clear in my mind, and after focusing, I drew the cards as follows. The picture is just below.

Before drawing the cards I assigned to each one an intention and a role. The first card drawn, the one in the left, represents A., the person who requested the reading. Right now she is represented by the Wheel of Fortune. This suggests that A. is in a situation that is testing her, challenging her to grow, so that it needs serious reflection for eventually making a conscious and responsible choice. The change is imminent. But how we receive the change and what we learn from the process is up to A. And this is a lesson each of us should be aware of.

The card drawn for this man A. has focused the question upon is the Devil: blocked creativity, attachment. This represents a challenge in expressing who you really are in the world and what makes you feel fulfilled. It can be compared with being stuck in a kind of a swamp: you might feel good and comfortable at first, but on the long run you are drained of your energy and cannot move, cannot escape, but extremely hard. Ultimately it is a test of finding yourself, knowing yourself and breaking loose of the chains that keep you attached in a particular unhealthy situation. This suggests why this man lost contact with A. He is in a big challenge of his own, about himself.

The next 3 cards, the ones on the right, are drawn to clarify the current situation. The first card is the Empress. She represents stability, the coming to terms, confidence and control. It is a very good indication that the situation between A. and this man has the chance to become stable. The Empress glances to the right, so to what is to come. Also, she is looking to the next clarifying-card, Justice. Justice keeps a balance in its left hand and a sword in its right. This suggests that the equilibrium that can be reached will pass through a kind of sword purification, let’s call it. It’s like the balance of the relationship will be reached if the best of the relationship will stay and the worse will fall out. And this is up to the two people involved, to come to terms with. Being true to oneself, looking within, each of them knows what this relationship brought to their life. Until the lesson is not learnt, moving on is not possible. And this conclusion is supported by the last clarifying card, the Hermit. The Hermit invites to contemplation, reflection, looking deep within oneself, being true to oneself and to others for taking further what is to be taken further and for leaving behind what is to be left behind. Look closely at the three cards on the right. The chromatic harmony of them. They are really the advisers. The archetypal committee called upon to give the best insight.

Always, the most important lesson is the one that makes us develop spiritually, makes us become a better version of ourselves. Everything is for our own evolution. Nothing is good or bad by itself, but by only how we look at it. The responsibility is ours. We create our life each and every second.