Nature vs Humanity

I am living in Indonesia for almost 8 months now and during this time I had the chance to connect more and more with nature. I live in an urban area, the Special District of Yogyakarta, but in an area where rice fields are reachable in a 5 minutes walk. Actually, Indonesian houses, even in the cities, used to be surrounded by a lot of nature, having each their own jackfruit, banana, mango trees and maybe a small rice field hidden in the back of the house. But now things are changing. Concrete is making its way in every neighborhood for facilitating transportation, primarily by motorbikes, and people have started selling their land to support their urban lifestyle which requires owning a car and a motorbike.. or several motorbikes, one for which member of the family. I am not saying that urban development is good or bad, what I am … Continue reading

Why is ‘being water’ one of the best ways to live your life?

We are all living these hyper-fast times in which changes occur every day. Few things stay the same and this apparent lack of stability or security stir up in each of us anxieties and fears. Each of us looks for her or his ways to cope with this situation: some develop addictions and attachments to food or drinks or drugs or other persons, others choose to go on regular visits to psychologists, psychiatrists and other mind therapists, other look for spiritual meanings and solutions such as meditation, yoga, qigong etc.. I’ve been through my own process of finding my way to be me in this world and I chose meditation and Qigong. About my meditation learning I wrote previously here. As about my Qigong experience it’s a lot to be said, but for the moment I want to focus on the awareness that it brought to meĀ over the theory of … Continue reading