Soul Plan Readings

Welcome dear one, welcome home: the place to re-connect with your true self and to get all the guidance you need to achieve joyful, effortless success on your own terms!

This is a space of high vibration that I have created for us! Here I am going to share with you tried out methods and tools so that you are at all times connected with yourself, in the flow, and thus, not feeling alone, abandoned, rejected or not loved.

Scale of consciousness GratefulIt all starts with: feeling grateful. It is one of the highest vibrational states that you can achieve effortlessly at any given moment. So I invite you to join me in this space! I will teach you how to achieve it.

Living it means being present in the eternal moment of NOW (timelessness) when everything is possible.

In every moment you can choose and choose again and again what feels right, joyful and delightful for you and thus create your life. It is your inborn right.

It is in this space, beyond all good or bad, that we connect and I provide for you the best insights and recommendations on what to do next to improve your life, get out of the rut you are in and put yourself on your own unique track for achieving efortless success on your own terms!

I can easily connect with you because I have the direct and unforgettable experience of: feeling depressed, confused and miserable, conditioned to compare myself with others and to always fall short. At my lowest low I decided that there is no other direction than up, so I picked myself up again, reconnected with my true, authentic self and committed to on-going personal development.

It is now 11 years since then so I felt that it is the time for me to show up and actively provide my insights through my favourite tools that I have acquired throughout the years.

Here is what some of the people working with me have said about: 

  • Soul Plan Readings: 

I’m excited to be using my Soul Plan to create an even greater vision of my life purpose!

I received a Soul Plan Reading from Nicoleta and its amazingly detailed messages completely resonated with my soul! Step by step, she took me through the challenges, talents and goals that have been part of my soul’s destiny. I greatly appreciated and benefited from her gentle and clear explanations of the patterns, their meanings and how I can use this knowledge to expand my life’s work. I also saw with greater clarity how my past experiences, both positive and challenging, have been an integral part of my entire soul’s plan. I’m excited to be using my Soul Plan to create an even greater vision of my life purpose!

~ Elaine Harding, USA 

The most remarkable aspect of this reading was not the session – it was the days and weeks that followed

When Nico did my Soul Plan reading a few weeks ago, it was a wonderful experience. The reading was very comprehensive, focusing on various aspects of me and my soul, my strengths, my weaknesses and my main lessons to work on. Her delivery was gentle and extremely kind but had a sense of grounded authority, conveying delicate issues or urgent messages with zero judgement or criticism.

There were a few surprising elements, like discovering I am a clairvoyant and all the ramifications that entails, and she compiled a detailed list of spiritual practices to align the aspects of my soul that need it.

But the most remarkable aspect of this reading was not the session – it was the days and weeks that followed. Her revelations started to take on new meaning the more I pondered on them – like layers upon layers, it started building in my consciousness until finally, I understood the final piece of the puzzle – which was so old and deeply buried within me it took all this time to surface, and this was the key to let go of an ancient pain I had been carrying around since childhood. I now finally understood my power and contribution in that old situation and feel ready to forgive and be free. This was the biggest gift I have received in a very long time, and I am ever so grateful.
~ Silvia Ortega, Spain 

Helped me find out which are my talents

Because it was my first Soul Plan, I was completely open on what was to happen and it was a very interesting and enlightening moment.

Nico was very patient in explaining me the correlations between past and present, the influences of my childhood events and of my parent’s actions.

She also helped me find out which are my talents, what characteristics droves me back and how can I be completely fulfilled in this life.

I hope in the future I will be able to apply the things discovered about me in this plan so that my life will be better in every way.
I recommend Nico for reading this kind of Soul Plans and thank her for all the ideas she gave me.

~ Raluca Somoghi, Romania

It was an amazing experience

Niko did a Soul Plan reading for me which was surprising, since I didn’t really know what to expect and i was extremely curios.

It was an amazing experience. She gently started revealing things about me and explaining , with kindness and warmth, the goals behind my experiences in the past, my challenges, my gifts and talents and she confirmed my intuitions about the path i should follow further and my purpose.

She encouraged my continuing to follow my intuition, trusting my soul that will show me the way on my career and my spiritual adventure.

It revealed patterns of my behaviour, of some i was conscious about, of some not, and she gave me tools, advices and recommendations to help me heal and continue my journey towards my destiny.

She is intuitive and has a very calming and reassuring presence. I’m grateful for meeting her.

~ Alina Tapardel, Romania

I highly recommend Nico for Soul Plan Reading!

I highly recommend Nico for Soul Plan Reading!

She connected easily with me and I felt that she was the channel through which the information which needed to come to me came.

She also resonated easily with the questions/topics which I wanted to talk about.

Don’t hesitate to ask her anything and she will make all the effort to find the answer!

~ Daniela Tache, Romania

  • Tarot and Oracle Cards Readings 

It was eye-opening, helpful and yet comforting

The experience altogether was not only fun (and accurate) but loving.

Nico clearly has experience with the tarot, but the best part was definitely the loving touch she added to every sentence.

It was eye-opening, helpful and yet comforting. Thank you so much Nico, I loved my first experience with Tarot, and would definitely do it again <3

~ Lorena Martinez, Colombia

I was amazed by the results of the reading

Niko was the first person with whom I decided to do tarot session with because I truly trust her capabilities.

She made me feel safe and created the space for me to reflect and think about my experiences and who I truly am.

I was amazed by the results of the reading and, above all, the kindness and candor through which Niko guided me.

This session will be forever in my heart and memory as a truly groundbreaking experience.

Thank you Niko for being you and for creating a safe space.

~Ana Pina, Portugal

The tarot session that I had with Nico was profound

The tarot session that I had with Nico was profound.

It gave me additional perspectives to where I’m at with life, and revealed something about myself that I probably have been avoiding unconsciously.

Above everything else, I was amazed by Nico’s empathy, ability to connect and her guidance throughout the entire session – much needed for someone who is new to tarot.

~ Wayne Liew, Malaysia

Gave me more clarity on some aspects where I lacked clarity

I had my reading with Nico 1 day before leaving to Nepal for 1 months of reflection. A lot of thoughts was in my mind and the reading helped me put pictures to my thoughts and tell myself a story out from the cards that gave me more clarity on some aspects where I lacked clarity. Nico is a spiritually gifted person with high level of intuition and she can see through people and help clarify areas where you might be stock. I’ll recommend this for anyone who is curious or wanting clarity from external perspective. ~ Ali Anber, Denmark

I felt more comfortable making my decisions going forward

I don’t know much about these things but when I came to Nico I was at a crossroad.

After our sessions, I felt more comfortable making my decisions going forward. It’s been about 3 months, and I’m pretty sure with her guidance I’m exactly where I need to be at the moment.

It was re-assuring to get her confirmations on my true nature and what I should actually pursue.

One of the biggest take-aways for me is understanding the areas I need to be cautious about, as it may not have been brought to my awareness.

Overall, definitely a great service for those who need a little direction.

~ Neil Ateem, Trinidad and Tobago

Nico naturally reads through the cards and makes on-point connections

Nico was super on point with her reading and created a super safe environment for me to express my feelings as well as receiving the information that she was providing me.

Nico naturally reads through the cards and makes on-point connections between different areas of life that at first sight might not be connected at all.

I am forever grateful for Nico providing not only a very private space but also in a very cozy environment. Thank you Nico!

~ Sylvia Avila, Colombia

It aligned with what I am going through and helped me see the real picture

Want to share love for Nico and the session she gave me.

The session went on for almost an hour plus and it was so insightful that it felt like 15 minutes. It aligned with what I am going through and helped me see the real picture and what is actually happening at the back on my subconscious. I

was going through two big problems in my personal life and Nico after reading the cards helped me understand the problem and how I can solve it and now after 2 months, both the issues have resolved.

~ Rafay Korai, Pakistan