• (Re-)Initiation
    initiation /ɪˌnɪʃɪˈeɪʃn/   noun   definition:  1. the action of admitting someone into a secret or obscure society or group, typically with a ritual. “rituals of initiation” 2. the action of beginning something. “the initiation of criminal proceedings” And here I am! Back writing on the blog after a little over 3 years, in the most interesting year of my life so far! The most interesting year of anyone who is alive on Earth right now actually: 2020, the year beyond time – as one of my favourite astrologer calls it.   I’ve lived these past 3 years intensely, grew a lot, expanded and learned a lot so that now I feel the need to share again, with you guys. Hence the (re-)initiation. Or in other words: the new beginning. Goes well with the theme of the year right? And of the changes that the world is undergoing…   And … Continue reading
  • Every ending is a new beginning
    There are just 19 days into the new year of 2017, but I am still working on this year’s resolutions. Truth be told, observing my life, most changes of the new year would always occur starting with the month of February. Only a couple of years back I realized that the Chinese New Year is usually celebrated around this time, so it kinda made sense to me that this is when the real energies start to shift! Now, I am still working on my resolutions and plans for this year, as I am undergoing Mindvalley’s Lifebook Quest and today, in my reflections and daily Internet cruising, I came across references to the Kali goddess for two times! I do not believe in coincidences, so I looked into this symbol further, to see what it could tell me… I stumbled upon this beautifully written article: 2017 is the year of Kali, … Continue reading