On bullying (I)

                                                                                             “If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us” – Herman Hesse Recently, I’ve been reflection on bullying. It is only of very recent date (less than I year) that I realized that I’ve been bullied at school. It’s a perfect illustration of the fact that if one doesn’t know “the name” or “the label” of something, it might pass by as being normal in a way, socially accepted. That is why knowledge is power! And why education is essential! Now, most commonly, one would find bullying related to pre-teen and teen behavior. But it just doesn’t end here (nor does it start there). Let’s just define bullying for a start. My American heritage dictionary informs me that a bully is 1. A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker … Continue reading

Get out of children’s way!

Children are the most authentic beings on the planet! They know exactly who they are and why they are here for. Ask them and they know exactly what’s wrong with the world and some of them have even ingenious solutions for ending world problems. I remember fragments of my childhood … visions… back then anything was possible. What happened? I got a “good education”. After learning to walk, speak and read, I was told to sit down, shut up and look up to other people. Children know naturally what is best for them. What are their interests. Instead of labeling them with ADHD whatever not or worrying about their future, satisfying their needs and encouraging them to know and believe in themselves is the key.

Ever wondered what the Fool stands for?

The fool has a name apparently (although what does ‘the fool’ really designate?), but no number. He can be named, but he cannot be counted. He stands out of the statistics. He IS before anything begins. Or IS he after everything ends? Most importantly: he IS. He is the free spirit, the forever present. No plans, no expectations, no regrets, just presence. The traveler that is always on a watch for the next adventure that will take him out of his mind, but always back to his senses. He is brave and confident, full of vitality, always on the go, always seeking. The world is full of opportunities. One must look through the eyes of the fool to really spot them.

Public body perception is changing! … thanfully!

I am each time very very happy whenever I stumble upon public (televised) declarations such as this one below, in which gorgeous women accept their body just the way it is and avoid getting into the trap of outside standards. I myself, have had a distorted body image and I am still working on improving it and really getting to terms with myself. I believe that the main issue here is that we look and we rely too much on the “outside”, on what people think and believe about ourselves. Instead, the main work should be within us. Skinny is the natural body look for just a small percentage of women. One should get the feeling of his own body and learn how to listen to it, to its needs. There are two issues really: your natural body size and having extra kilos, which are very specific to each individual. … Continue reading

The art of being

The art of being “Being” is an art. And the people who still conserve this idea and who still preserve the techniques to achieve this state of complete oneness with all there is are from the East. One clue we can find to support this claim is how they take photos: it’s them small with the big natural background behind, whereas us, the people in the West focus on individual portraits. We live with the illusion of separation, of uniqueness and that takes our happiness away. Therefore, there is the ghost of happiness roaming around: you feel it, your want it, you see it and it seems so hard to grasp..