Tarot reading: holding on to my relationship

I recently received a question for the tarot cards, a question from E., who writes:  “Should I hold on to the relationship I am currently in? Does it make sense to be patient and invest further in it?”. Now, it might look like two questions, but I believe that the second one stands out as a bit of a clarification of E.’s situation. Once I understood the question I laid the cards, which look like in the photo below: So, dear E., as always, I used my intuition in drawing the cards and in doing the actual tarot reading, as follows: The first one, on top left, represents you, your positioning in your current relationship at this moment: IV the Emperor – this shows that you are passing your current relationship through a rational-materialistic filter, as you know pretty much what your concrete, material needs are, and you don’t seem … Continue reading

Tarot reading: what does this person represent in my life?

I received one question in my email from A., who wants to know what does the man whom she met and lost contact with represents in her life. Why did he came in her life so suddenly and beautifuly and then completely withdrew. This is a very good question to put to gain more insight, by using the tarot cards. Once the question was clear in my mind, and after focusing, I drew the cards as follows. The picture is just below. Before drawing the cards I assigned to each one an intention and a role. The first card drawn, the one in the left, represents A., the person who requested the reading. Right now she is represented by the Wheel of Fortune. This suggests that A. is in a situation that is testing her, challenging her to grow, so that it needs serious reflection for eventually making a conscious … Continue reading