Tarot reading: holding on to my relationship

I recently received a question for the tarot cards, a question from E., who writes:  “Should I hold on to the relationship I am currently in? Does it make sense to be patient and invest further in it?”. Now, it might look like two questions, but I believe that the second one stands out as a bit of a clarification of E.’s situation. Once I understood the question I laid the cards, which look like in the photo below:


So, dear E., as always, I used my intuition in drawing the cards and in doing the actual tarot reading, as follows:

The first one, on top left, represents you, your positioning in your current relationship at this moment:

IV the Emperor – this shows that you are passing your current relationship through a rational-materialistic filter, as you know pretty much what your concrete, material needs are, and you don’t seem to have them satisfied (as you can notice, the Emperor stands with his back to the next card).

Top right, your partner’s card:

I the Magician – or the trickster. This shows that your partner is playing around in your relationship, in the sense that he is taking it easy, at times showing his commitment and at other times showing sings of detachment that for sure, make you pretty much confused and maybe even hurt. This kind of phase is pretty much the beginning phase of any regular relationship, when we are in the process of knowing our partner, testing their limits. But are you still at the beginning of your relationship? From how you formulated the question I would say that, from your point of view, this stage has passed, as you seem ready and eager to move on to a more serious commitment.

The next three cards, I drew them with the intention of getting some clarification for you:

XI Strength – this card signifies the frustration you are going through in your relationship at the moment. It is kind of consuming you, inside out, so it would be proper to say that for you, at this moment, this relationship it’s a big challenge.

XV the Devil  as you can tell from the drawing on the card, you are really stuck in the relationship, you are in a subtle way committed to your partner, but as we’ve been show so far, this is draining you too much. To put it in other words, you could think of your relationship at the moment as having a big prisoner’s weight ball tied to your leg. So the question that you are invited to reflect upon is: what is keeping you attached to your boyfriend? why is it so hard to let go?.  The devil draws the attention upon some kind of an addiction, such as: I am afraid to be alone so I choose to be in this relationship, or: this relationship gives me a certain status that I don’t want to let go of. It is time to be honest with yourself because acknowledging the truth, your own truth, will set you free already!

XII the Hanged Man – this card gives another dimension to your relationship, confirming your previous shown efforts: exhausted, you feel you’ve give so much but received so little in return, not sure about what would the next step be, you stand back. We have a saying in our country: stand crooked and think straight! This is what the hanged man tries to do: contemplate the truth of the situation, the truth and the lesson to be taken further, deciding over the next thing to do, by looking at it, passively, upside-down.

These three clarification cards are quite passive and contemplating altogether, referring only to yourself in this situation, from your inside perspective. It could be that you feel totally alone in your relationship already, but for some reason you are still being together with your partner, you refuse to let go.

I felt the need to draw a last card which I set the intention of solution, so this is the solution card:

VII the Chariot – after a lot of thinking and reflection, the moment of action comes in. You are shown here to be on the move, active, decisive, confident, conquering new territories. You are invited to learn the lesson of the current situation and to move on. Beware! The tarot cards don’t give advice! It is up to you what kind of move on this is:  it could be a move on to the next level in your relationship, it could be a move on to another relationship or state of being. Anyway, the cards kinda guarantee that your current torment will be soon over, no matter your resolution.

Always, the most important lesson is the one that makes us develop spiritually, makes us become a better version of ourselves. Everything is for our own evolution, our own expansion that contributes to the universal expansion. Nothing is good or bad by itself, but by only how we relate to it. The responsibility is ours. We create our life each and every second.