Every ending is a new beginning

There are just 19 days into the new year of 2017, but I am still working on this year’s resolutions. Truth be told, observing my life, most changes of the new year would always occur starting with the month of February. Only a couple of years back I realized that the Chinese New Year is usually celebrated around this time, so it kinda made sense to me that this is when the real energies start to shift! Now, I am still working on my resolutions and plans for this year, as I am undergoing Mindvalley’s Lifebook Quest and today, in my reflections and daily Internet cruising, I came across references to the Kali goddess for two times! I do not believe in coincidences, so I looked into this symbol further, to see what it could tell me… I stumbled upon this beautifully written article: 2017 is the year of Kali, … Continue reading

Stay hungry, stay open and don’t ever give up on yourself!

After almost a year away from my blog, I make a come back, inspired by an amazing piece of news seen in the media these days: after moving to the UK, Romanian author’s first novel in English becomes a sensation! I do not know much about Eugen Chirovici, but what I draw from his story is that it is important to stay hungry – because this makes us to always be on the look and improve ourselves and our skills -, to stay open – because no matter the age or the situation we are in, there is always space for improvement and we always have a choice for a change – and to never ever give up on yourself! No matter your dream, it is always better to pursue it and risk to fail at fulfilling it, rather than fail at what you don’t care about! Never give up … Continue reading

How can batik improve your life?

Originally posted here, I re-publish the article on my blog, in a sign of gratitude for being in Kuala Lumpur and meeting my extended family: the Biji-biji team and volunteers! I am here for two months now, volunteering, helping out in setting up a batik studio. Step by step, we are preparing some new batik workshops that anyone interested can attend. New seat belt bags design with new original batik are also on the way! Stay in touch and if you are in Kuala Lumpur, do pay a visit! First of all, we are glad to announce that Biji-biji has gathered the materials necessary to kick start a mini batik studio at their headquarters, in the center of Kuala Lumpur! Batik is a centuries old textile art based on the technique of decorating and (repeatedly) dyeing a fabric by using removable wax to save the parts of the fabric that are not intended to … Continue reading

David Bowie died…

… Long live David Bowie! A super human with a 1000 faces, Mr. David Bowie, the man who soothed our soul with his awesome, out-of-this world music and artistic persona is no longer among us in the physical realm, but for sure his legacy will be around for ages! And not just that, but already, throughout his career, with his style and musical changes, David Bowie has opened the way for new artists, such as Marilyn Manson, that looked up to him as a role-model. And this is what he’s done, whether he was aware of it or not: he encouraged each of us to express ourselves creatively, in unique ways, without being afraid.  Be brave, be yourself, live the life you envision for yourself, essentially, be the hero of your own life: Nobody gets out of this world alive! Live your life while you are alive! Be grateful for every moment!  Here … Continue reading

Tarot reading: why do I feel the need to hold onto this relationship?

The question I received from C. is: Why do I feel the need to hold onto this relationship with mr. M when he claims to love me, but won’t commit? Thank you for your question C.! Now, before we start the reading, I would like to remind you that my tarot readings are for clarifying a  present moment or situation. You can read more about my approach on tarot here. I would like to note that your question is well put, so here we go with laying the cards:   Setting the intention for each role of the pulled out cards and using intuition, the arcana are as follows: XIX – the Sun – You in this relationship with M. You feel comfortable as you are complementing each other quite nicely in this relationship. You are good partners and you share a lot of interests, being a bit like kin. You are … Continue reading

On bullying (part II)

More than one year ago, I wrote an article on bullying. Back then I felt that it would be just my first article written on the topic, and now it proves to be right because I gained more awareness and experience so that I feel like sharing some more on the same subject. Also, right these moments we are going through worldwide mourning over tragic events claimed by one group or another or just mere collective accidents. As I previously wrote, these events make me reflect on the frailty of life and of my own importance in this world! Because each of us is very important through every thought that you hold, every word that you speak, every action that you take, every talent and skill that you give to the world!! So, how aware are you of all of these?… and what does this have to do with bullying?? A LOT. Well, each of us is … Continue reading

The world seems to be falling apart…

… so what can WE do? Only in the last month there have been so many tragedies around the world: in Paris, in Beirut, in Bucharest just to name a few… What’s going on?? There are so many theories out there and conspiracy theories as well, that I let you discover by yourself if you’d really like to… As in for me, all these events just make me reflect more and more on the frailty of life, so that makes me live more and more in the present moment! What else can one do than honor life right now??  I refuse to feel powerless because I am not! None of us is! Every thought each of us has, every word each of us speaks, every action each of us takes, every skill that we put into the world makes a difference!     So, here is a thought: how about that this world … Continue reading

Tarot reading: Am I close to finding my soul-mate?

The question I received from E. is: Am I close to finding my soul-mate? Thank you for your question E.! Now, before we start the reading, I would like to remind you that my tarot readings are for clarifying a  present moment or situation. You can read more about my approach on tarot here. I would like to note that your question is well put, so here we go with laying the cards: Setting the intention for each role of the pulled out cards and using intuition, the arcana are as follows: O The Fool – it represents you: this arcanum tells about a new beginning! And just as you formulated your question, you really sense it and you actually wish for a new beginning in your love life! The Fool shows how you’re starting a new phase in your life, when you have the complete freedom to choose the way! The Fool … Continue reading

How to become a millionaire…

What is your relationship with money, I ask you? Do you think money is evil? Or dirty? Or that you have to work really hard for it? This article is presenting an alternative view on money and fortune and prosperity altogether, that might challenge you… If you believe money is dirty or evil, you might be in a serious difficult relationship with money and this might explain why you don’t have that much of them: you focus on the lack, instead of on the want, on the desire and most importantly the solution for getting them! Some people separate money from spirituality, but if we were to look into the Holy Bible, a lot of the main characters there, trustworthy, spiritual, firm believers in God, were kings and queens, masters and highly looked upon wealthy leaders. And this is my observation, but don’t take my word for it!! Research for … Continue reading

I acknowledge your pain. I’m here with you.

  I confess: I am an adherent of the everything happens for a reason theory. I believe that there is a divine force and natural laws (different than the ones chosen by people) that guide the planet and the universe… Throughout my life, just like anybody else on this planet, I’ve been through the very colorful range of emotions, from the darkest to the lightest, and it was not always easy for me to see the meaning of things. Sometimes I saw it years later, I could connect the dots only looking back; other times I couldn’t see it and I still don’t… and now I truly understand: we don’t have to know. It seems that the general purpose of life, regardless of what might we call them individually, is to just live life, being present. Living life and being vulnerable and exposed. But now, especially after the very unfortunate … Continue reading