The world seems to be falling apart…

… so what can WE do?

Only in the last month there have been so many tragedies around the world: in Paris, in Beirut, in Bucharest just to name a few…

What’s going on?? There are so many theories out there and conspiracy theories as well, that I let you discover by yourself if you’d really like to… As in for me, all these events just make me reflect more and more on the frailty of life, so that makes me live more and more in the present moment! What else can one do than honor life right now??  I refuse to feel powerless because I am not! None of us is! Every thought each of us has, every word each of us speaks, every action each of us takes, every skill that we put into the world makes a difference!  

photo credits go to Karuna Ezara


So, here is a thought: how about that this world that seems to be falling apart, is nothing else but the world falling into place?

I refuse to let fear control my actions! I’m going to celebrate life, let go of ignorance and give my 100%!