Tarot reading: why do I feel the need to hold onto this relationship?

The question I received from C. is: Why do I feel the need to hold onto this relationship with mr. M when he claims to love me, but won’t commit? Thank you for your question C.! Now, before we start the reading, I would like to remind you that my tarot readings are for clarifying a  present moment or situation. You can read more about my approach on tarot here. I would like to note that your question is well put, so here we go with laying the cards:   Setting the intention for each role of the pulled out cards and using intuition, the arcana are as follows: XIX – the Sun – You in this relationship with M. You feel comfortable as you are complementing each other quite nicely in this relationship. You are good partners and you share a lot of interests, being a bit like kin. You are … Continue reading