On bullying (part II)

More than one year ago, I wrote an article on bullying. Back then I felt that it would be just my first article written on the topic, and now it proves to be right because I gained more awareness and experience so that I feel like sharing some more on the same subject. Also, right these moments we are going through worldwide mourning over tragic events claimed by one group or another or just mere collective accidents.

As I previously wrote, these events make me reflect on the frailty of life and of my own importance in this world! Because each of us is very important through every thought that you hold, every word that you speak, every action that you take, every talent and skill that you give to the world!! So, how aware are you of all of these?… and what does this have to do with bullying?? A LOT.

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Well, each of us is an individuality caught up in a greater social system or another that connects us all, with family, friends, colleagues, bosses and other people that directly depend on you or which have certain expectations from you… How do you choose to act in each of your social interactions with any of these people? Or should I say: how do you choose to REact? Re-act being defined as an automatic, not aware action that you take in a situation or an interaction with a person, based on your past experience. Take a note here: the counter part of re-act is response, which is defined as an aware, conscious and responsible action taken in a certain situation.

So, how you choose to unconsciously react or consciously response to a certain situation is one of the powers that you own. Right there, in the moment, deciding how to act, you have the power to hurt or uplift someone for example. Or to be more poetic, every action that you take, every word that you speak becomes a tool that you could use to build up something, or it becomes a weapon of destruction.

How aware are you of your actions? Of your words? Of your manners?

“Complaining, being skeptical, and being critical are all ways of trying to show people you’re smarter than they are”.

Here is the challenge: can you go 40 days without being mean to others? Without being mean to yourself? Without bullying others or even yourself?… Now I got your interest?! How do you do that you ask me? Well, you do that by no complaining, no skepticism, no judgement, no sarcasm, no physical or symbolic (language) violence, no gossip or not being critical of others or even yourself. The point is this: you think you know, but you know only for yourself!! You are the king or queen of your own perception! You don’t know about what is best for the other (or even for yourself at times), so just stop bullying! AND START THINKING BEFORE ACTING IN ANY WAY!

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It’s interesting to notice that through the online media, bullying others is just like a plague! Spreading with the speed of light! At the comfort of their home, in front of their computer screens, with their true or undisclosed identity, people seem to become judges and bullies of others. Well, no computer screen or hidden identity gives you this right!

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