How to become a millionaire…

What is your relationship with money, I ask you?

Do you think money is evil? Or dirty? Or that you have to work really hard for it?

This article is presenting an alternative view on money and fortune and prosperity altogether, that might challenge you…

If you believe money is dirty or evil, you might be in a serious difficult relationship with money and this might explain why you don’t have that much of them: you focus on the lack, instead of on the want, on the desire and most importantly the solution for getting them!

Some people separate money from spirituality, but if we were to look into the Holy Bible, a lot of the main characters there, trustworthy, spiritual, firm believers in God, were kings and queens, masters and highly looked upon wealthy leaders. And this is my observation, but don’t take my word for it!! Research for yourself and feel your truth… Furthermore I can share with you the articles and books that I’ve read on the topic of money and spirituality and that have helped and influenced me.


Only recently I stumbled upon the story of this Japanese millionaire. He used to be a Buddhist monk and his secret for becoming rich: taking care of the people who work in the company, or in other words: “If you want eggs, take care of the hen “.

“The secret, as Inamori tells it, was to change employees’ mentality. After taking the CEO role without pay, he printed a small book for each staff member on his philosophies, which declared that the company was devoted to their growth. He also explained the social significance of their work and outlined Buddhist-inspired principles for how employees should live, such as being humble and doing the right thing. This made them proud of the airline and ready to work harder for its success, Inamori has said.”

Inamori is not the first spiritual and rich person I stumbled upon who says something like this about money. Previously this year I read The Diamond Cutter: The Buddha on Managing your Business and Your Life .  Written by Michael Roach, the book describes how Roach, while being a Buddhist monk, helped build a $100 million business, by following the ancient Diamond Cutter sutra. Roach expresses the same idea: taking care of the others, and helping them in the way that your would like to be helped, is the way to taking care of yourself. He goes on explaining with concrete examples how this goes! All in all, for Roach, a wealthy person is considerate, generous, introspective, highly aware of his or her creativity and practices integrity. And yes, you could say that these are Buddhists saying this, but actually these values are promoted in every religion. Just to take Christianity for example, because is closer to me, there is the saying in the Holy Bible: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Ultimately, money is energy! We don’t talk about the actual paper bill, that might be dirty because it is going from hand to hand! But money is a type of energy that is functioning in our vibration world. You attract it or reject it, based on your own patterns related to money. For identifying and working on these patterns, for me it was helpful to read Harv Eker’s book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth.

I presume that so far this article challenged your assumptions about money, maybe made you feel uncomfortable and hopefully made you curious to read one of the above mentioned articles or books. I never say that this is the whole truth, but I always invite you to look it up by yourself! I am not saying that your work with money ends here. This might just be the beginning…


And then, it is essentially an inside work, you might just feel too poor to become rich, but is it really so? I end this article with a hopeful note, sharing what my QiGong master told us to do in order to become rich. In QiGong being rich is a result, not a goal! The cause of richness is giving, so the opposite is just as valid: you don’t give, you don’t gain! And these saying are universal, in all cultures of the world! These are ways through which you can give:

  1. eyes giving: reflect your kindness, honesty and generosity through your eyes
  2. speech giving: weight your words carefully. A good word can help someone, while a bad word can hurt so much.
  3. giving smiles: is the least you can do! Smiling is contagious and it instantaneously brings up the good mood.
  4. heart giving: sending good intentions from your heart by filtering your mind through your heart. You reach a certain level of mastery when you send good wishes from your heart even to people that you dislike or to people that dislike you!
  5. body giving: putting your physical body into the service of others, such through your work.
  6. seat giving: merely giving the place you sit of the position you hold to someone who needs it or is more appropriate for it.
  7. house giving: hosting people and sharing your space

So, the answer to how to become a millionaire? First you should feel like you are a millionaire, because the inside reflects the outside!