Two weeks in Indonesia … Feeling like home already!



It’s two weeks since I am in Indonesia. It’s been an amazing time, full of discoveries. I’ve been taken out of my comfort zone, I lost my sense, just to end up finding myself.

People here are so warm and friendly! I really like this collective perspective of life in the Indonesian culture and society: everybody is just as beautiful and important! I am inspired by their view over family: once you move in into a place, be it just a room in a dorm, all the people on the street become your enlarged family! So, I have a new family now! It is quite big (I still didn’t learn each person’s name)!

I live in a village just North of Jogyakarta, so I have a lot of relatives here! Nevertheless, it’s been one of dreams to live in the countryside and now I’m living it: I can see fields of rice and chillies from my window! And last but not least: I can see the Merapi volcano!

Still, there is a drawback: everybody here uses motorcycles, so the landscape, as beautiful as it might be, has quite a noisy “soundtrack” and the air is not really the cleanest…