Tarot reading: finding romantic love

Recently I received a tarot reading request on the topic of finding romantic love. The question I received from C. is exactly like this: Which are the blockages that don’t let me live a true, romantic love?

Thank you for your question C.! Now, before we start the reading, I would like to remind you that my tarot readings are for clarifying situation in the present moment and not for giving advice. You can read more about my approach on tarot here. Now, before I begin, I would like to note that your question is well put, except it draws attention on one aspect that depends pretty much on you: how do you define true romantic love. Because it might be possible that how I define it is different than how you define it. Just remember that all is up to you and your personal belief system! But let’s see what the cards tell us!

The cards as I pulled them, right after the moment I understood your question, look like this:

tarot 2

First card, from left to right: the card that represent You РThe strength. You are represented by the strength card. The card depicts a woman (or a man?) struggling to tame a lion Рwhich symbolizes a consuming factor that takes up a lot of our energy. This card talks about the fact that you are well aware about your blockage in your love/sexual life (pointed out by the position of the lion Рnear the pelvic region) and that you are frustrated by it. The sources of this blockage? Look well within you. The strength card is here to remind you of previous affective, emotional or sexual abuses or traumas you have gone through. Look at this abuses or traumas as either factual or symbolic. Even a harsh or strict education from your parents in regard to what love and sexuality should mean qualifies as a symbolic abuse. However, if you are really unaware of your blockage, look at your relationship with your mother and father along your life so far. Your relationship with them mirrors your potential relationships with the partners in your life.

Second card: the tower. I pulled the second card as the blockage. The tower as the blockage indicates that there is this creative and sexual energy that awaits to be released from within you. It will be the moment that will shift your life, but in a good way. The tower symbolizes the change that has to come, it is sent from somewhere beyond us, to help us get on the right track and get the best out of our lives. The tower card, connected with the Strength card indicates that you’ve been censoring yourself because of your beliefs and past traumas. Now it is the moment to overpass them, to heal them!

Third card: the high priestess. I pulled the third card as the solution card. The high priestess holds a book on her lap. That is the book of the past, of everything that has been. Now it’s the moment to leave all this behind and move on. Leave the beliefs that no longer serve you, leave the traumas and the wounds behind. Simply heal them by accepting their existence and by looking at them from a higher, spiritual realm, from where everything that happens to us is for our growth and our self-improvement. There are no coincidences. Everything that happens to us and everything that we become is for our higher well-being!

Always, the most important lesson is the one that makes us develop spiritually, makes us become a better version of ourselves. Everything is for our own evolution. Nothing is good or bad by itself, but by only how we look at it. The responsibility is ours. We create our life each and every second.