Tarot reading: what about my current work project?

I received a request for a tarot reading from G., asking about two current projects that he is working on.

Since the question was really clear I made two layouts for each project.

First project:


The clarification card pulled was the Fool, number 0 – that means that the project is finishing, something else is about to start over again, but by the state of the character on the card we can say that it is not necessarily going to finish as G. expects. He might not receive the whole commission agreed on this one for example! But for sure, this project will soon be left behind, going into a new adventure.

Second project:


G. drew several clarification cards, just as many as he felt like.

First card: XVIII the Moon – it is telling G. that there are information that he doesn’t possess. He doesn’t have a clear picture over the project because he is missing out on some data.

Second card: XX the Judgement – it is showing G. that negotiations and work on this project are tough, intensive and quite long. He should be prepared for this!

Third card: XXI the World – it is a very good omen for a good ending, just like G. expects it! And more than this, the ending of the project will make G. feel empowered, happy and liberated!

Always, the most important lesson is the one that makes us develop spiritually, makes us become a better version of ourselves. Everything is for our own evolution, our own expansion. Nothing is good or bad by itself, but by only how we relate to it. The responsibility is ours. We create our life each and every second.