I acknowledge your pain. I’m here with you.

  I confess: I am an adherent of the everything happens for a reason theory. I believe that there is a divine force and natural laws (different than the ones chosen by people) that guide the planet and the universe… Throughout my life, just like anybody else on this planet, I’ve been through the very colorful range of emotions, from the darkest to the lightest, and it was not always easy for me to see the meaning of things. Sometimes I saw it years later, I could connect the dots only looking back; other times I couldn’t see it and I still don’t… and now I truly understand: we don’t have to know. It seems that the general purpose of life, regardless of what might we call them individually, is to just live life, being present. Living life and being vulnerable and exposed. But now, especially after the very unfortunate … Continue reading


Do you find it hard to find your one true calling? (part I)

Well, think again: it just might not be just one true calling, calling you out. For sure we are living these times right now that are like no other times before! Our family wants the best for us and they advice us to follow so called stable&secure career paths. But we might not feel like following their ideas, but following our own! And the content of every job and profession has changed tremendously in only the last few decades, with several new hundreds of jobs adding up, that couldn’t have existed, say 50 years ago! There is no certainty on the work market nowadays. Actually, in no time in history there has been a labor market security, so security itself is a myth! What are we left with then? I believe we are always left with ourselves. What I mean is that no matter the changes in history (past, present … Continue reading