Is your definition of success yours?

Being a creative, curious type, with a multitude of interests and passions, I find it hard sometimes when I am expected to fit into previously defined career paths or life paths or any other paths or patterns that have been prescribed by societies or cultures. The good news is that I meet more and more people with whom I share this kind of profile.

But it’s hard you know. This kind of transition between supposedly secure/safe societies and the newly cannot-afford-retirement-plans type of societies. I think I face the double standard: being free and creative while most of the jobs on the market stick to the same old definition of what a successful career is. And it is frustrating. What I come to experience is that time flies so-so fast and people change as well!  But institutions and social norms don’t change at the same pace.

reaching success defined by outside, wordly standards shouldn’t make you lose yourself

I’ve always based my work choices on my instinct and on what was stirring up my curiosity. This is not something that I was taught in school. But I do dream that the educational system would shift on focusing on the innate qualities of the individual, rather than doing its best to shape him into something he/she is not. I had my disappointments in regard to what school had prepared me for, which was far from what reality was presenting to me.

Through my experience, what I come to believe it’s the truth is this: creation is never ending and instead of looking for safety or security, one should look within and build his foundation there. Each of us is an universe by himself, within a larger, huge universe, that some people think they can regulate through some artificial guidelines that they create with the intention of ensuring security.

I’d like to recommend you some videos that have been highly inspirational for me, in moments of doubt:

a precious gift from a friend – a T-shirt with a most beautiful quote of Maya Angelou – My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style.

1. Alain de Botton on Success.

Bottom line of the talk is this: stop comparing yourself to   other people, even if they were your school mates! Comparisons only make you feel miserable. Instead, know yourself, find your passion and work for your happiness that only you can measure by being today a better version of your yesterday-self.

2. Brené Brown on Vulnerability.

At the end of the day our vulnerability is what makes us human. Even though no society promotes vulnerability as something to publicly showcase, vulnerability is actually the door to our inner self. Through our vulnerability we meet up with our personal needs and from there we know what we want to focus on, because that is who we really are.

3. I love Marie Forleo! This time she is interviewing a highly creative and multi-passioned person that managed to make her own business place into the world, exclusively by doing what she loves.

I am curious to know how do you define success? I’d be happy if you reply in a comment below. :)