Every ending is a new beginning

There are just 19 days into the new year of 2017, but I am still working on this year’s resolutions. Truth be told, observing my life, most changes of the new year would always occur starting with the month of February. Only a couple of years back I realized that the Chinese New Year is usually celebrated around this time, so it kinda made sense to me that this is when the real energies start to shift! Now, I am still working on my resolutions and plans for this year, as I am undergoing Mindvalley’s Lifebook Quest and today, in my reflections and daily Internet cruising, I came across references to the Kali goddess for two times! I do not believe in coincidences, so I looked into this symbol further, to see what it could tell me… I stumbled upon this beautifully written article: 2017 is the year of Kali, … Continue reading

Stay hungry, stay open and don’t ever give up on yourself!

After almost a year away from my blog, I make a come back, inspired by an amazing piece of news seen in the media these days: after moving to the UK, Romanian author’s first novel in English becomes a sensation! I do not know much about Eugen Chirovici, but what I draw from his story is that it is important to stay hungry – because this makes us to always be on the look and improve ourselves and our skills -, to stay open – because no matter the age or the situation we are in, there is always space for improvement and we always have a choice for a change – and to never ever give up on yourself! No matter your dream, it is always better to pursue it and risk to fail at fulfilling it, rather than fail at what you don’t care about! Never give up … Continue reading


Nature vs Humanity

I am living in Indonesia for almost 8 months now and during this time I had the chance to connect more and more with nature. I live in an urban area, the Special District of Yogyakarta, but in an area where rice fields are reachable in a 5 minutes walk. Actually, Indonesian houses, even in the cities, used to be surrounded by a lot of nature, having each their own jackfruit, banana, mango trees and maybe a small rice field hidden in the back of the house. But now things are changing. Concrete is making its way in every neighborhood for facilitating transportation, primarily by motorbikes, and people have started selling their land to support their urban lifestyle which requires owning a car and a motorbike.. or several motorbikes, one for which member of the family. I am not saying that urban development is good or bad, what I am … Continue reading

Two weeks in Indonesia … Feeling like home already!

It’s two weeks since I am in Indonesia. It’s been an amazing time, full of discoveries. I’ve been taken out of my comfort zone, I lost my sense, just to end up finding myself. People here are so warm and friendly! I really like this collective perspective of life in the Indonesian culture and society: everybody is just as beautiful and important! I am inspired by their view over family: once you move in into a place, be it just a room in a dorm, all the people on the street become your enlarged family! So, I have a new family now! It is quite big (I still didn’t learn each person’s name)! I live in a village just North of Jogyakarta, so I have a lot of relatives here! Nevertheless, it’s been one of dreams to live in the countryside and now I’m living it: I can see fields … Continue reading

Full Moon celebration in Indonesia, Chinese style!

What I love about Indonesian people is their strong connection with nature! All over the world, each culture has developed its customs and traditions observing the rhythms of nature, but somehow today I feel that in Western cultures the commercial spirit takes the lead. Like for example Easter: there is now the commercial Easter bunny story and of course the spiritual/religious part of the resurrection of Jesus and we somehow forget that each year the date of this celebration is selected according to the moon phases. This year, on the 8th of September, I had the great opportunity to celebrate the Full Moon (in Pisces according to European astrology) together with Indonesian people with Chinese background! It was a long and beautiful ceremony, full of magic and symbols, overseen by the Moon above… Also, it was my first time ever in a Chinese temple.

First week of Indonesia

Indonesia is simply surprising! It’s a total different world, and yet so familiar. People are people and in the end we share the same fears and desires, but we do manifest differently. Just one week of Indonesia was enough for me to feel their collective view about life: there is no privacy, it is important to stay together, a daily dairy is a way of communicating issues within a family. There is no confrontation, but compromise. There is no conflict but only misunderstanding. One says sorry after a presentation or a lecture: management of shame and humility. Overall I meet very nice and kind people, very humble and tender, looking after their family which has an vital part in their lives. Also, on a more concrete level, a 2 hour traffic jam instead of a 15 minute ride in Jakarta makes you understand a lot about people’s understanding of time: … Continue reading

Ever wondered what the Fool stands for?

The fool has a name apparently (although what does ‘the fool’ really designate?), but no number. He can be named, but he cannot be counted. He stands out of the statistics. He IS before anything begins. Or IS he after everything ends? Most importantly: he IS. He is the free spirit, the forever present. No plans, no expectations, no regrets, just presence. The traveler that is always on a watch for the next adventure that will take him out of his mind, but always back to his senses. He is brave and confident, full of vitality, always on the go, always seeking. The world is full of opportunities. One must look through the eyes of the fool to really spot them.