me1  My name is Nicoleta and most of my friends call me Nico. I was born in Bucharest, Romania and ever since I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the world and its people, so I consider myself to be a global citizen! I have a very curious nature and I am passionate about a lot of things such as: traveling, world myths and mythology, meditation, reading, Qigong, Tarot, ongoing personal development.

Observation and empathy are two of my highly developed senses. I chose to study sociology to understand better society and people, but I was left with even more questions. This was not enough! Most of the mainstream science is based on tools, instruments and techniques that rationalize, leaving aside the energy and the spirit that animate us all! For this I chose to travel and read and put questions and observe and look up for answers.

I created the Grateful Living Now Blog because I felt the urge to share my quest. I’ve always perceived life as a puzzle: every day I would stumble upon pieces that I would put together, that eventually take me somewhere! I chose to put grateful into the title because I realized that it is the best attitude that helps in one’s life. And this is what I do my best to practice every day: gratefulness for being and exploring and discovering amazing things! And if you are interested to find out the scientific explanations about why being grateful is the way to be happy, check out these articles:

Is being grateful a good way to spend your day? (part I)

Is being grateful a good way to spend your day? (part II)

if you feel like it, contact me at: grateful.living.blog(at)gmail(dot)com